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Interruptor de circuito de vacío de alto voltaje al aire libre

ZW32-24 disyuntor de vacío de alta tensión al aire libre
  • ZW32-24 disyuntor de vacío de alta tensión al aire libre

ZW32-24 disyuntor de vacío de alta tensión al aire libre

? Forma de instalación: montado en poste;
? Mecanismo de operación: mecanismo de operación de resorte y mecanismo de operación magnética permanente;
? Tipo de poste: poste integrado;
? Aplicación: subestación exterior de 24kV, planta de energía.
? Tipo de operación: manual, eléctrica, control remoto.

Detailed introduction

ZW32-24 outdoor HV vacuum circuit breaker

ZW32-24 Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32-24 outdaoor HV vacuum circuit breaker is a 3-phase AC 50Hz 24kV outdoor switch equipment.
? Installation way: pole mounted;
? Operating mechanism: spring operating mechanism and permanent magnetic operating mechanism;
? Pole type: integrated pole;
? Application: outdoor 24kV substation, power plant.
? Operation type: manual, electric, remote control.

※ Product Standards
? IEC62271-100 High Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Part 100: AC Circuit-breakers
? GB1984 High Voltage AC Circuit-breakers
? GB/T11022 Common Specifications for High-voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Standards
? JB/T 3855 High Voltage AC Vacuum Circuit-breakers
? DL/T402 Specification of High-voltage AC Circuit-breakers
※ Environmental Conditions
? Ambient temperature: -35°C ~ +40°C;
? Altitude: ≤2000m;
? Wind speed ≤ 35m/s;
? Earthquake intensity: ≤8 level;
? Filthy level: IV;
? Installation places: No fire, explosion hazard or serious filthy.

Technical Specifications

No. Item Units Parameters
1 Rated voltage Kv 24
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated current A 630 1250
4 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 20 25
5 Rated peak withstand current(peak) kA 50 63
6 Rated short-circuit closing current(peak) kA 40 63
7 Rated short-time withstand current and duration kA/S 20/4 25/4
8 Rated operation sequence   O-0 . 3s-CO-180s-CO
9 Mechanical life Times 10000
10 Breaking times of  rated short-circuit breaking current Times 20
11 1min power frequency withstand voltage (wet) over the groundlinter phase/fracture kV 50/65
(dry) over the groundlinter phaseffracture 65/79
Secondary loop 3
12 Lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak)  Overthe group,interphase/fracture KA 125/145

Model Implication

Overall Dimensions

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